Friday, September 2, 2011

Probably the most awkward/embarrassing moment. No joke.

**Confession: I actually wasn't going to share this story. Because it is just so awfully humiliating. However, I got to thinking about my life's awkwardness/awesomeness (to use language from the Daybook) and I decided to just lay it all out there. This story is a prime example of my unskilledness.

Once upon a time, a young(ish) girl traveled with her mother and sister to the not so foreign land of Ogden, Utah in hopes of raiding this Gluten Free Bakery of their novelty sweets. However, this little shop just happened to be closed on Mondays (which day it was). Determined to not have made the trip in vain, the savvy mother decided to look for gowns for her youngest charge in hopes of finding something that would be different than what all of the other girls would be wearing to Homecoming. So, this young(ish) girl accompanied her mother and even younger sister in their hunt for appropriate formal garb. After an exhausting (but successful) search, the trio decided that they were famished and settled down for some nourishment at none other than the Texas Roadhouse. The meal proceeded and the three ladies began to regain their strength. However, this particular young(ish) girl decided that it would be a good idea to use the "ladies facilities" before making the 3 hour trek to Idaho because when nature calls... So, anyway, after taking care of business, she stepped out to wash her hands only to find A MAN checking himself out in the mirror. And this was not just any man but he was also an employee of the restaurant. However, convinced as she was that she was, indeed, in the correct restroom, the young(ish) girl proceeded to wash her hands, fix her hair, and complete other not-so-necessary primping before leaving the bathroom while the mysterious male intruder stared at her with a look of utter bewilderment. It was only after this girl left the bathroom that she properly looked at the sign on the door. It did not say "Gals" like she had thought; it said "Guys." So, this girl ran back to her table (in a most indiscreet manner) and begged her family to leave quickly in order to help her escape further embarrassment that was almost guaranteed to ensue if that male employee spotted her chowing down on her sirloin as if nothing had happened. The little family left, trying to hide their looks of amusement but failing miserably. Jokes about this incident continue in the Smith household to this day.

** In my defense, there was NOTHING to distinguish this boys bathroom from a girl's.


  1. lol that's HILARIOUS! bahaha you're awesome :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Haha Zoey I just recently had an embarrassing bathroom adventure too! I'll message you on Facebook!