Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sometimes I Embarrass Myself...

Due to popular demand, I have been asked to relate the following story so those who have stumbled upon these rambling while surfing through the blog-o-sphere can live vicariously the humorous events that transpired at the David O. McKay library a couple of weeks ago.

As previously noted, I work at the David O. McKay library. I am a personal assistant and it is truly the best job ever. Don't try to argue with me because this is one thing that I KNOW I am right about. Anyway, one of my current responsibilities is helping to enter the E-books into the library database so our patrons are aware of our newest E-book titles. However, I work at the front circulation desk which is usually quite busy. As a result, I am frequently distracted as I get up and down to help patrons because the other student employees are doing other jobs or helping other patrons. On this particular day I got up to help a patron; after finding a DVD for him I went to check it on the computer to ensure that it was not already reserved for a professor on campus. I went to sit down at my computer when the next moment I found myself face down on the ground behind my desk. To this day I don't know what happened except that I must have pulled out my swivel chair with some unusual force which caused the seat to rotate and me to miss my throne completely.
As is to be expected, laughter on everyone's part ensued and I became the comedian of the day. Needless to say, sometimes a swivel chair can be more of a hindrance than an assistance.

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