Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Move to Boston

I have had a feeling lately like I need to get back into this whole blogging thing.  If nothing else I want to document our time in this heavenly place.
Alex and I moved to Boston in August of last year.  He has started graduate school and is studying Mental Health Counseling.  We drove across the country in our Subaru and while our hearts were sad to leave family in the west, we were excited to come to one of our dream cities.
About to leave Idaho
Our trip allowed us to make some stops in really fun places.  Our first stop was for square ice cream not far from my mom's house.  We had been crying so hard that we felt we deserved a treat.  I made the mistake of getting a licorice flavor.  It was gross which at the time felt like a betrayal of epic proportions.
Right after getting square ice cream.
Our hearts started to feel a little better as we drove and encountered some gorgeous scenery.  The mountains of Idaho, the trees of the Midwest, and the nostalgia of the Ohio Valley.  

We were beyond blessed to stay with friends along our trip and we felt so well taken care of.  Having a safe place to stay with people who cared really made our trek more enjoyable. 
We stayed one night in my beloved Centerville, Ohio.  We arrived late and left early so we didn't get to do much but on our way out we drove by our old house and grabbed a Graeter's Ice Cream.  Unlike the licorice ice cream, Graeter's never disappoints.  
My old Stomping Ground

Some of my best memories are from here

Excuse our hot, sweaty, crying faces.
We still felt a little sad but Graeter's always helps

Finally we arrived in Boston and were met by an unsightly apartment.  We had seen pictures before moving but we didn't really know the full status of the apartment.  We were far from impressed which all but broke my resolve to come to this new place away from family to help.  Luckily we were able to update and purge the apartment of the awfulness and we settled in not long after.


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