Friday, May 6, 2011

I assume you might need an explanation...

Some of you reading this might be saying to yourself, "WAIT! Doesn't she already have a blog?!?!" The answer is yes. However, I am going to be gradually switching over to this one because this is where the rest of my family has their blogs and so we can see each others more easily.

I also recognize that the title of this blog is a little out of the ordinary. I get it. After much soul searching this is what I came up with and here is a true story to go along with it:

One day last summer I was visiting my family in Idaho Falls; my mom and sister had just moved in with my grandparents. One of our family's favorite Sunday pastimes is driving around town and looking at houses and just enjoying nature. This was one such Sunday. It was kind of exciting because mom needs to get a house of her own and so we were getting some ideas. We were driving in a new development area and we were commenting about how much we liked one particular house. As we were leaving the neighborhood my grandpa jokingly said, "Look! There is the mortuary!" Now I have a severe irrational fear of dead things. I have no idea why but I always have. The other part of the problem was that I didn't know that my grandpa was kidding so I innocently replied, "There is NO WAY that I will come and visit you if you buy a house next to a mortuary! I would never get any sleep knowing that there are dead people next door!" My family started laughing and making jokes about how gullible I am, which is a true accusation. Because I am so gullible, my life is pretty hilarious. This is where I will post my adventures and I hope you will come along for the ride.

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