Sunday, May 8, 2011

Perfect Examples

I was hoping when I started this blog that I would be more consistent at posting every day. Talk about an epic fail but in my defense it was my it was my birthday yesterday and I was taking time away from technology (sort of) to hang with my family. But more on that later. Today I want to talk about something more important: mothers. And my mom specifically.

Now, I know my mom won't read this. I'm not even sure if she knows I HAVE this blog but that is not what matters. I just want everyone to know how important mothers are in general and the kind of impact they can make. I just know my mom best and by focusing on what she does so well in my mind allows me to be more personal and more specific.

My mom is amazing. Truly. I know that there are times when I forget and I am like, "PSHHH! You don't know!" or "STOP BOSSING ME!" or whatever but in all honesty, my mom is one of the people I love the most.

Echoing Sister Julie B. Beck, my mom is a mother who knows. A mom who knows what was most important to her and sacrificed a career, extra money, hobbies, health (at times) and a loving relationship to give me everything. She protected me from the evils of the world when I could have been exposed to them from my infancy because of family circumstances and even just the way the world is. She taught me what was most important and to love the Lord and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My mom is a mother who knows the importance of home and family. David O. McKay has said, “No other success can compensate for failure in the home.” My mom has taken this to heart as she has raised us. She has loved and nurtured us. She forfeited an opportunity to have an outstanding career in order to stay home and take care of us. She had a desire to have a temple marriage and worked harder than I will ever know or comprehend in order to make it work. She is now striving to teach us the importance of an eternal family and what me must do to make it a reality. My mom is striving valiantly to keep her covenants so that we can be together FOREVER! I am so eternally grateful for that. She cares about my potential for an eternal family as a wife and a mother, thus making her take an interest in what I am doing, who I am dating, and my goals. She knows the desires of my heart and is trying to help me achieve those things.

My mom is a mom who knows how to lead. My mom is now leading our family and continues to be happy and to focus on what is good, right and important. My mom is a leader in the church whether she is formally leading as a Relief Society President or whether she is leading by example... it doesn't matter how but it does matter that she DOES IT. She accepts every calling and throws herself into fulfilling her responsibilities, even if it is calling that is hard or scary. I have seen her take on (in my opinion) the most awful calling of ward choir pianist and rise to it through hard work, setting the example for me as her child.

My mom is a mother who knows how to work. She talks about some of the awful jobs she had growing up and I think that those things really taught her the value of work because sometimes they were the only jobs available and she needed money in order to go to school. Later, when I was in high school, I remember her having to get a job at the public library to help support us because my dad was out of work and they were getting a divorce. Even now, my mom is trying really really hard to find a job where she can support my sister and herself. But she still maintains that knowledge that family is most important and she is trying to find a job where she can be home in the afternoons with my sister. When hard things happen or something comes up she does not sit around and think about how hard it is, like I sometimes do. She gets on her knees, prays about it and then she GOES TO WORK!

My mom is a mother who knows the importance of teaching. My mom has taught me so many things and is continuing to teach me life's most important lessons. She knows the importance of an education, even if one is going to be a stay at home mom. She encourages me to learn and was the first one to teach me on this earth. She taught me to read, write, and helped me memorize my multiplication tables. She instilled in me a love and craving for knowledge from a young age and for that I am so grateful. She taught me how to pray and how to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. She has taught me the gospel and how everything in my life will work out if I live a Christ-centered life. She taught me to choose the right. She taught me the importance of loving showed me how to do it. She taught me by example and lived the principles she knew to be true.

My mom is a mother who knows how to stand steadfast and immovable. My mom is a valiant covenant keeper. My mom knows how to weather the most difficult storms of life while maintain her standards and strengthening her testimony. My mom is a warrior in her own right, battling the adversaries that are plaguing the world around us to keep her family safe. My mom is an upholder of virtue and high moral standards. My mom will never move from the gospel she knows to be right. I know that she is a constant in my life and will maintain a standard of living that is in accordance with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to know that she will always be a guide for what is right and I know that I can look to her as an example of what I should do to be more like the Savior.

I love my mom and I am grateful for the strong, powerful woman she is. I am thankful for her stalwart example and unwavering testimony. I am thankful for the lessons she is teaching me and has taught me. I hope that one day I can be half as good as a mother to my children as she has been to me. She is an ultimate example to me and I doubt that I will be ever to express all of my love for her. But I can try.

Mom, I love you. You are the light of my life and wonderful example. I know that I have done an awful job at showing you but I hope that in the coming years I can prove to you how grateful I am for you and how much I love you. I think that you are the greatest. I love you.

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