Thursday, October 6, 2011

Awesome/Awkward Thursday + FIRST SNOW!!!!!!!

* I know it is technically Friday but I formulated the ideas on Thursday. And it's my blog so I am giving myself artistic license.
Can I just say before we start that I think that this weather is completely unacceptable. Really, it isn't even November yet. And we are getting 3 more inches tonight and it will continue through tomorrow (Idaho Falls had 4 inches of really wet/heavy snow before ours even started sticking) Lamesauce.

- Going up the hill to class only to hear a manly serenade coming from behind me. I turned around and saw the Army ROTC marching in formation up the hill and singing/chanting their army songs. I sped up and turned in order to avoid being passed up by these organized rows of men only to have them turn in the same spot. I then proceeded to book it up the hill to escape them.

- Doing the Macarena (Spelling?) Dance in front of my Music Methods class. No more explanation needed.

- Working at the library and saying, "Can I check you out?" oops.

- Having boys cat-call at you while you are running in 40 degree weather in the rain. Even though my shirt was blue, it was obviously see-through because I was so wet. For the record, that is not cool guys. NOT COOL.

- Running into people on campus and having them say something like, "Hey Zoey!" and I am thinking, "I HAVE NEVER SEEN YOU BEFORE IN MY LIFE! HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!?!" I usually just say hey back. Lame, I know.

- Dress code checks in your class of all girls with the exception of 2 guys. We had to turn to our partner, do the head-shoulder-knees-and toes, and turn a circle. If we were good then we told them that they were fine. If not, we said, "I hope you do better next time." Guess who my partner was: One of the 2 guys. I think he was more embarrassed than I was. He said he didn't even check. Good man.

- Having harvest break off so no lesson planning for the elementary school

- 1 cancelled class, 2 shortened classes.

- Singing tonight. It was the bomb.

- Not falling once in the snow today. Or crashing my car despite the fact that the defroster didn't work and my windows were fogged and it was blizzarding. It took some mad skills.

- Dinner last night. We made this. Martha Stewart could have taken control of our oven because something magical must have happened in there. It was so FAB.YOU.LUS. but simple. AND all the veggies came out of my garden. I am really honing my domesticity.

- Some of my life's best runs this week. Even though I have only gone twice (which is bad but I blame the weather).

- My Halloween decoration plans. They are SA-WHEET! I am so pumped... pictures to come.

**pictures from facebook. Mine wouldn't load. :(

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