Saturday, October 8, 2011

DON'T LET GO OF MY HAND!!!!!!!!!!! My adventure through a haunted straw maze on the scariest night of my life

Preface: I was not forced to come on this little outing. I made the decision on my own... and learned a lot about myself.

It was Friday(aka last) night and I was feeling adventurous. I accepted an invitation to go to a haunted straw maze with a group of friends. I had several apprehensions because 1) I have NEVER handled scary things very well and 2) because of reason number 1, I have never been to a haunted anything before or seen a scary movie. However, I was trying to keep an open mind and I rationalized, saying, "You should go! You have never had an experience like this before and it probably won't be as bad as you think. Everyone says that the straw maze isn't that scary anyway." So, I went.
We arrived at the maze and were just hanging out by the cars, trying to get organized when one of my friends points a really tall guy starts walking toward us. I thought it was just a normal dude, heading to his car. When he gets close enough, however, I can see that he is definitely not normal. He was a clown guy from the maze. One of the other girls who had rode with me was scared, too and we start to scream. The creepy clown guy started following us around and wouldn't leave us alone. That's when I knew I was in big trouble.
We paid for our tickets and organized ourselves into groups of 6. Our group was the first to go. We reached the entrance of the maze and while the majority of our group goes in, the other scared girl and I start screaming and refuse to go in. By the time a couple of the workers convince us to go in, we had to beg them to escort us to our group. I closed my eyes the whole time he was leading us. We stopped and he said, "Is this your group?" The other girl said, Yes and he left. Then I REALLY knew I was in trouble. We start walking around and we turn the first corner. There was a guy standing there. It was dark so (luckily) I couldn't see his face but as we walked by he starts chasing us with his chainsaw. The other girl and I start to scream and cry. I wanted to leave. Immediately. None of this wandering through the maze business. I needed to get out. We started calling for help. One of the workers comes over to our group and asks if we really need some help. The other girl and I said, childishly, that we wanted to go home. He climbed down and promised to lead us out of the maze and not to let anything scare us. I was skeptical of what he could do to make sure nothing would scare me (I had already proven to be the biggest wimp ever) and so I closed my eyes. Another girl and a boy (I don't know if they were from our group or not...because my eyes were closed) joined us. Their calming attitudes and reactions were what I really needed. We were led/dragged out of the maze after which we sprinted to the car and sped away as if we were in some kind of movie. Actually, the whole experience kind of felt like a horror movie. Or one of my AWFUL nightmares come to life. I think that is why I was so scared and why I had such bizarre reactions and made a scene in public. I love Halloween but I will never go to another haunted anything ever again.

On a more positive note, I can say that I made it through the maze in record time... sort of.

Creepy guy that came and got us from the car and followed us before we got into the straw maze. Picture from here. Like I would take a camera with me. Even this picture gives me the chills.

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