Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recent Things that have Rocked my Socks

I know that it is the week before Thanksgiving. This means ENDLESS homework, projects, tests, the research paper I have been trying to forget about, etc, etc, etc. However, despite all of this craziness, there have been some pretty wonderful things that have been happening in my favor.
1. I was accepted to fast-grad and I registered for winter classes.
- After a LONG process of people being out of town, phone calls, paperwork and other not so fun stuff, I was accepted to stay on campus during the winter semester and take normal classes. This will be such an improvement from last winter when ALL of my classes were online or night and I thought I was going to die.
2. Going home last Friday night and Saturday morning.
- I was able to celebrate my cousin's and uncle's birthdays and attend a little family party. It is so nice to live close enough to do these kinds of things with my family for the first time in my life. I love that my family is close enough that I can...
3. Go home again on Thursday!
- I know that it actually sounds really bad. I feel like there hasn't been a weekend in the past month where I haven't been at home for at least part of it. However, this time it is only Thursday night until Friday morning for a doctor's appointment on Friday. But it is still WAY nice to spend time with the family and have other people worry about you for a change (as opposed to me worrying about myself-- I can relax better at home).
4. Being invited to attend a luncheon with the speaker for Forum this Thursday.
- I was so pleased that I received this invitation. It is so nice that my professor thought that I was refined, smart, and classy enough to help represent the students of BYU-Idaho. I was flattered that they think that I will be a positive addition to the small group of students that have been asked to attend this event. It should be a wonderful experience. I will try to post about it after it happens but I am not making any promises...
5. Turning in my student teaching applications.
- When I found out when these were due I started to freak out. I was overwhelmed, scared, and felt completely unprepared for what they were expecting us to do. I realize how quickly my plans were coming to pass and then I would be out in the world again, trying to make it with the big dogs. In all honesty, I was completely PETRIFIED! Like the basilisk from Harry Potter made an entrance into my life and rendered me immovable because of the fear that was taking over my body. But I finally calmed down and had someone supervise my applications to make sure everything was in order. I can now say that I will be getting ready to student teach and will have graduated in a year from now. CRAZY!
6. Feeling the Spirit.
- This has been so awesome, especially the last couple of days. It isn't like this doesn't happen on a regular basis because it does but I have just been so grateful to have had the feelings and experiences in the gospel that I have had this week. I feel that I have been able to see the hand of the Lord and how He is leading me down the path that was laid out for me.
7. Finding some of my favorite Disney classics in full on Youtube.
- You don't even have to worry about part one, part two, etc. It is there IN FULL! I think I just watched my productivity walk out the door. Oh well. At least I can watch: 101 Dalmations, Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Lion King, and Cinderella.

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