Friday, November 25, 2011

The Ohio State University: Don't Let Me Down!

There is a little something called college football that I can't seem to get enough of. Seriously. If watching college football could be a profession, I would be all over that. But there are a couple of teams that I can get a little more than passionate about. One of those teams happens to be THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY BUCKEYES!
I know that this is actually kind controversial (for lack of a better word), considering all of the drama that has gone on in the several months. And despite their less than stellar season, I am definitely not a fair weather fan and I will not back down especially in their rivalry game against Michigan.
I know everyone thinks Michigan is going to win. To those comments I say, so what? So what about Michigan's improving defense, their impressive offence, and hopes of a BCS game. So what that Michigan is ranked 15th. So what that Coach Lou thinks that Michigan will win in a "not particularly close game." SO STINKIN' WHAT!! Ohio State's got something to prove here! We are on a mission to prove that we haven't lost it. Ohio State has beat Michigan for the past seven years and we aren't about to change anything.
Do you know what else? Ohio State has heart and soul and we are not going to let Michigan have so much as a field goal without a fight. Rest assured Ohio State isn't going to hand them a win on a silver platter. We are going to give it everything we've got and that is how you will ultimately win a football game.

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