Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Semester of Spontaneity

Should I be packing, cleaning, and studying? Yes. Yes I should. I know that I will get no sleep tonight (which is not that different than the past week). But I also need to chronicle this semester because it has been so rad that I want to remember everything about it. And it is truly in the running for the most spontaneous semester in college history. Why you may ask?
(I will save the best for last so either A. Keep reading or B. Cheat and skip down to the bottom. Or just stop reading. Whatev.)
- Midnight Denny's runs. For those of you who don't know, Rexburg dies at midnight. Thus, when it is a Friday night and curfew isn't until one and you are in need of a little sustenance, the only place to go is in Idaho Falls (about 30 minutes away). This was was one such occasion. A couple of the roomies and FHE bros drove to IF and we feasted on pancakes, hot chocolate, and in Sara's case, syrup and butter. We were served by an angel of a man who was maybe the nicest waiter EVER. (FYI, I had just gotten back from swimming 82 laps before this picture was taken. Don't judge my appearance. I was pretty exhausted.)

- Late night Walmart runs... in your onesie?
That's right folks. We are legit. Who ever said that pajama parties have to be confined to the apartment? Take them out on the town and I'll drink flavored fizzy water to that!

The PJ crew with our spoils.

All of our flavored water. I think we bought every flavor. We did shots of each flavor and it was SA-WHEAT!

-Finally... for the grand finale... unplanned road trips to Las Vegas that get halted in Salt Lake which is pretty legit, too. Here's how it all went down:
The FHE bros and my room mates are sitting in the living room one Friday night. Someone suggested we all Vegas so we packed up and headed out 30 minutes after the idea was proposed. However, due to a lack of planning, we found ourselves inching along in Utah due to the copious amounts of ice and snow. We had not expected snow and so we camped out at my roommate's house, pulled an all-nighter watching movies, playing games, the usual. Then we road the trax from South Jordan to Salt Lake and partied it up in Temple Square before riding the trax back and driving to the burg to make it just in time for Zoey and Spencer's evening plans (I am pleased to report that Zoey's, aka my, plans were SUPER awesome thanks to wonderful company and wonderful music. We can't report on Spencer's but we will assume his were pretty sweet, too). The trip was so much fun! I would do it again in a second despite the change of plans, excessive amounts of homework that didn't get done and the exhaustion that accompanied the all nighter.
Riding the Trax. Spencer and Craig are master creepers. Poor sleeping guy.

At the Family History Center in the Joseph Smith Building. Do we look like the people at Ellis Island?

At Roof checking out the temple.

Yes. College rocks my socks. And so do spontanious adventures. I am so grateful to have had the best roommates and FHE brothers ever. I am sad to see this semester go and I know that it will be hard to top. However, we can all rest assured that I will keep up the unexpected relays where ever I go.

Can you say awkward family photo?

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  1. I love and miss all of our spontaneous adventures from college! I am glad we were able to be roommates though so we could party it up like we did. I can't wait to see you soon. :)