Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Working on Working Out

Let's talk, shall we?  Because, honestly, I need a little help.
A few weeks ago I went shopping.  Not just your "quick-little-trip-to-the-mall" kind of shopping.

I went wedding dress shopping.
And, much to my surprise, I found a dress.  And I love it.  

But here is the thing.
I went back to the dress store last week for my first fitting.  I had ordered the dress in a size that should fit me.  And it does.  Sort of.  It is just very tight through my mid-section.  As my mom put it as she was helping me zip it up, "I am creating back cleavage."  TMI?  Maybe.  And for that I apologize.  It was just to help you get an idea.  (We can zip it up by the way).

This brings us to my problem.

I need to get in shape.

And I don't mean "lose a bazillion pounds" kind of shape.  But I mean, tone up a little bit and if I lose a couple pounds I wouldn't be complaining.

I used to be so good at working out. Really good.  Like, working out everyday, sometimes a couple times a day.  I could run and run for miles.  I could do a pull up.  I could lift quite a bit of weight.

But that was almost a year ago.  And since then, I gradually stopped working out.  I like to think that I eat pretty healthy but I know that I could do better.

I have been trying but I have lost any and all motivation.  What I really want to do is sit on the couch, watch a movie with a big tub of chocolate moosetracks ice cream (or a snowcone but they aren't selling those yet).

I need to get back in the grove.  I did p90x with my roommates back in the day and it was good but I don't have access to that program anymore.  I had a workout buddy but now they are dating someone and are too busy to workout the times I can go.  Alex and I tried working out together and that is okay.  We are just really good at talking each other out of it.  Plus, he is really busy being a psychology major.

I loved how I felt when I was working out everyday.  I keep trying to remind myself that I need to work out so that I can feel good about myself.  I need to stop eating junk.  I need to be healthy.  And not just for the dress but because I want to be healthy.  I am happier, I sleep better, I feel better.  But I can't bring myself to be consistent.

Let's face it.  Being healthy can be hard.

Does anyone have any advice?  How do you get back in the groove after a long break?
Dang it.

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