Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm Gettin' Married in the Morning

You remember the song from My Fair Lady, "I'm Gettin' Married in the Morning?" Well, that song has been in my head all day.  And we are pretty much ready.  As I look at my dress hanging here on the door, I can hardly believe that this day, the most important day of my life, has come.  It seems so surreal, like it isn't my wedding at all but some sort of dream and tomorrow I am going to go to the temple and hang out and watch other people's children and stand by the doors as I wait for some other bride and groom to emerge from the temple.  But tomorrow, it will be me.  I will be the one wearing the dress, the one being congratulated, the one who will be married.  Me.  Me and Alex.  And I can hardly wait.  I cannot wait to start this time together, that we will NEVER be really apart, even after we die because families (even if they are just couples) can be forever! This is the greatest thing I can think of in the entire universe!
But as I lay here, I can't help but feel a twinge of... something.  It's isn't worry because I know that I am doing the right thing. It isn't regret.  But some completely new feeling that I can't describe.  I am thrilled to be marrying the man of my dreams but I can't help but wonder if I did everything right in my singlehood.  Will I ever have anything I wish I could have done when I was single?  Anything that I would change?
But those thoughts pass quickly as I remember Alex, the love I have for him that continues to grow every moment, and the life I want to spend with my best friend for eternity.  And he really is my best friend.  And I cannot wait to marry him.

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  1. AH! I'm so excited for you! Love and blessings to you both! Please let me know if you end up having a reception or open house. Love you darling!