Sunday, October 20, 2013

And Sometimes...

1.  Sometimes I pretend to be artistic.  Fake it 'til you make it.
2.  I defer school because jobs are just way more practical.  Now I just have to find one!
3.  I get paranoid about people stalking us and I just end up staring at them like a crazy fool.  It happens.
4. We read stories before bedtime.  Because who doesn't like thinking about Donald and his difficulties while drifting into dreamland?
5. I don't know what to wear.  When we are rich like the Kardashians, I will have a stylist who will tell me what to do.
6. We eat noodles for every meal.  Moving on...
7.  We clean our house.
8. I bake.  A lot.  But more on that later.
9. Autumn sneaks up on us and I revel in every second of it, wishing it would never go away. But then it will. Boo.
10. We plan where we sit at church so we can hold babies. Because you can never have enough of other people's babies.
That pretty much sums up our lives.  Tell me what is going on in yours...


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