Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bucket List

Ah yes.  Yet another list to welcome in 2014.  Aren’t I original?  AND I am super duper late.  HELLOO, it’s the eighth, Zoey.  I know, I know.  But I want to do things differently this year, which warrants a different kind of list.  Seeing as most of last year’s new years resolutions went completely to pot, this year I am going to make a (wait for it)… bucket list.  Now everyone slowly rub your mustache and say, “intriguing… quite intriguing.  Tell me more good Madame.” 

Let me indulge you.  With this bucket list I am trying to psych myself out.  See, a bucket list sounds way more achievable to me than a resolutions list.  And way more exciting.  I am also pretty sure I will want to do the things on my bucket list as opposed to feeling like I have a duty to do the stuff I would put on my new years resolutions list.  And hopefully, to achieve the things on my bucket list I will do things that would be on my new years resolutions list. 

I know.  I am such a trixster.

And without further ado, Here is the bucket list of Awesome Possum stuff I want to do in 2014:

  •       Worship more deeply and more often.  (Study the scriptures FIRST THING, talk about what I learned with husband, write down my blessings, go to the temple at least every other week.)
  •       Go on regular dates with husband.
  •       Take a picture a day and write a 1 sentence caption. And practice editing it. Maybe this blog will even be a vehicle for achieving this one. But don’t count on it.
  •       Run a 5 K and start working up to a half marathon. 
  •       Graduate.  I can’t wait to check this sucker off.
  •       Move OUT OF REXBURG you hellish frozen tundra of a pit.
  •       Make a new married couple friend.
  •       Make our home a haven. (keep the storage room clean, play uplifting music often, do fun things that allow us to communicate rather than just watching tv, decorate in a happy way).
  •       Get a big girl job. 
  •       Eat healthy almost all of the time.  Start out with a small goal and work up.  For example, this week I am only allowing myself 1 real desert (which I already indulged in even though it is only Wednesday). 
  •       Record my life more.  See number 2.
  •       Start determining my personal style.  Learn what I like and why and how things go together. 
  •       Become a couponing extraordinaire.

Perfect! Let’s get started. 

So what are your resolutions/bucket list?

Stay tuned for an Awesome/Awkward Thursday post coming your way tomorrow brought to you by the students of BYU-Idaho (including myself).

Today I am thankful for our car, that it works and that I didn’t have to walk to school in this slushy, snowy mess that is our town.

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