Thursday, January 9, 2014

It's Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

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-Trying to spell the word “awkward.”  It always looks like it is spelled wrong.
- Pepperonis.  And what they can do…
- The fact that I still don’t know what half the hashtags people use even mean.  Like #FF #ftn #TL;DR  and #WABT.  What?
- This problem I have with nail polish.  See, if one chips, suddenly my subconscious decides they all have to go.  So I will be sitting in class or in church and be like, what the??? WHO IN THE WORLD scraped off my nail polish? And WHY is there a sparkly mess in my lap?  It confuses me.
- Forgetting I have 2 Alex J’s in my phone and texting Hey babe! What’s shakin’? to the wrong one from my old bishopric years ago.  At least he acted totally cool about it (at least I think he did.  Texting is so awkward all on its own).
- Awkwardly squatting in the grocery store, pretending to look at the 400000000lb. bag of rice that nobody buys on the bottom shelf because I really have to go to the bathroom and I want to wait until I get home. 
- Pulling up next to someone who is picking their nose in their car. And then making eye contact.  I pointed at the guy, as if to say, YOU know what you did…
- Story time: I was sitting in the library and I was on an end computer.  Since I used to work at the library, I know a lot of people who come into the area where I was working.  So this particular time when a guy came in, in my peripheral vision he looked like a past coworker.  But when I turned to look at him he had walked behind me and I couldn’t see him.  He sat down next to me and at the same time as he said Hi how are you?  I then realized that it was a guy from our ward and I simultaneously said I thought it was you! WHAT?!!! We continued try and hold a conversation but kept talking at the same time so it would go like How’s your semester going/How was your Christmas? Oh, sorry! What did you say?  For like 10 minutes until we made a mutual but unspoken agreement to give up.  At least I hope we did and he didn’t just think I was rude and not talking to him.

-Getting to sleep in a little this morning and waking up with husband still in bed.  Morning cuddles might be better than night cuddles.  But only maybe. 
-Cleaning the house relatively quickly yesterday. Where is my motivation to do it that fast on Saturdays?
- Sneak attack kisses.  They are pretty much my fave. 
- Having full conversations with husband through song.  Awkward for others?  Yes.  But pretty sweet for us.
- The tiny squish baby that I got to hold for a few hours today.  Bliss...
- Husband shaving his sandpaper face so I don’t get a hot rash on my face when he kisses me.
- Writing things on my To-Do list that I’ve already done just so I can cross it off and admire how much I did during the day. 
- Braving the cold for a mid-week date night.  Husband surprised me with a date night to see Thor.  It is now my favorite superhero movie.  
- Having spare time for reading.  Speaking of which, have you guys read Flora and Ulysses?  It is pretty much in an awesome category all on its own.  Seriously people.  Go to your library and pick it up and read it tonight.  Prepare to laugh your cheeks into horrible pain.   


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