Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's Awesome & Awkward

Spring is giving it a go.  Bless it's little heart.

- A really bad shade of yellow/green nail polish.  Hooray for moldy-looking toes.
- The twitch in my eye I've had for the past 2 days.  I can't figure out how to get that eyeball to calm down.
- Becoming friends with someone in class.  But you don't really know their name.  And time passes and you become even better friends.  And you feel like it would be dumb to ask what their name is because you have spent months with them.  And then you have to introduce them to another friend...
- Walking down the hall at school and suddenly having one lonely sock fall out of my pant leg.  "Hey," says the Good Sock Samaritan, "You dropped your sock."  The "oh thanks" I timidly muttered as I accept the blasted thing. This is a humbling moment that can only be brought on by a lone sock falling into a public hallway.
- Our plummer who lived up to every bit of his plummer reputation.  Pa-lease, would you get that thing out from under my sink.  Yes sir.  Your bum.
- Sitting, minding my own business, when the someone next to me starts telling me about how kissing his girlfriend who has a small, blonde, mustache is awkward.  And I was beginning to think I'd never know what that was like.

- This spring-like weather we have been having.  Take that you polar vortex.
- Caramel flavored rice cakes.  They kinda taste like sweetened cardboard and I am totally into it.
- Hearing about husband's days playing and adventuring with peeps around town.
- Refrigerated cupcakes.
- My sissy who I loved seeing on Saturday
-Random visits from friends. It was the best.
-Going to bed early three nights in a row.  And taking naps.  Pretty much food and sleep will always be a part of this list.

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