Monday, August 15, 2016

Church Clambake and Autumn Adventures 2014

When we moved to Boston we were excited to hear about the fun traditions people in our area have.  One of the traditions our ward has is to have a clam bake every year at a local lake.  Alex and I were thrilled to have this New England experience.  
At our first clam bake 

We ate our first New England lobster!

The lake
We moved to Boston so Alex could get a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Boston College.  One of the things that I love is how gorgeous his campus is.  Autumn has also always been my favorite season and the beauty around his school during that season is always magnified.  Autumns in New England are nothing short of magical.

I had to take this picture as Alex was driving to school one day.  I love this house and the fall foliage is just amazing.  

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