Monday, August 15, 2016

Christmas 2014 and Blizzard 2015

Our first Christmas in Boston was hard for me.  I was struggling with being away from our family winter blues.  Alex and I decided to keep it simple and to enjoy the true spirit of the holiday.  As we did this, lots of little miracles happened for us.  Most of these are too personal to share in this public setting but we really felt the comfort and love of our Savior and friends during the holiday season. 

On Christmas Eve, I made my family's traditional Seafood Stew.  It was a great way to continue a tradition while also enjoying seafood.   
Alex before dinner

Seafood Stew

Hedgehogs are one of my absolute favorite things in this world.  So for Christmas my mom knitted me this sweater with hedgehogs and pink flowers (my other favorite).  It is one of my favorite things to wear and I love it.  This is also one of the only pictures I have from Christmas Day.  

One of the best parts about this Christmas was Skyping with my sister.  She was serving her mission for the LDS church in Houston, Texas.  We were not allowed to talk to her except through mail while she was on her mission.  The exception to the rule is on Mother's Day and Christmas.  So we did a 3 way Skype call so we could all talk together.  This was such a happy memory.  

Soon after Christmas we were hit with snow-mageddon .  It was the worst winter I could remember.  It was not nearly as cold as Rexburg but the snow just kept coming.  We ended up with 110 inches.  We didn't start to see grass again until April but when we did we all celebrated the coming of Spring.  

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