Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer 2015

The months of June-August were busy ones.  I flew to Idaho to finish my degree while Alex held down the fort in Boston and worked and went to school.  It was so difficult being away from him for so long but I felt like I was lucky to be surrounded by loving and helpful family.  We enjoyed lots of time together and I was glad to visit them while I waited for Alex to come in the middle of August.  

Alex flew into Salt Lake in August and we spent two weeks with his family before flying home together.  We loved visiting everyone and being reunited was the best part of the summer.

I was so busy with school that I didn't document this summer very well so we will make do with the pictures I can find.

Brent and Ashley had their fifth baby soon after I arrived in Idaho.  They named her Tess Florentine McLane.  She was so small and sweet.  We couldn't get enough of her.  
Ashely took this picture of Tess to announce her arrival.  I love how this picture captures her innocent sweetness. 

meeting Tess

The McLane family meets Tess for the first time
My mom got a new kitty soon before I came to Idaho.  She named it Raisin much to my delight.  He is a riot and was so playful and funny.  He especially loves to watch movies with horses in them.  If I needed to work on something without him bothering me, I would just turn a movie on for him and he would lay there and watch it.

Raisin playing in the bathroom

Raisin loved to sleep like this. It was so cute and funny.  

I peeked out the window to find Raisin sitting on the outdoor table.  
Raise reading one of our favorite books Flora and Ulysses.  All of the kids were captivated, as they should be.

Grandma got new chickens that sometimes roam around the yard.  They followed me to the back door if I ever came in without putting them away.  

Tess practicing to become a Ninja 

Flying into Boston

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