Friday, August 19, 2016

Spring 2015

After the never ending winter, we relished in the arrival of Spring.  I headed to Idaho at the beginning of June to finish my student teaching so Alex and I spent every second together before we would be apart for 3 months.

We made sure to stop at Walden Pond before I left of the summer. It immediately became one of our favorite places in all of Massachusetts.
By the cabin replica and statue
Alex tapped into his inner Theroux

At the pond
Our picnic selfie at Walden

Several stakes in the area held a conference for women in the New England area called Let Your Light Shine.  Stephanie Nielsen from the NieNie blogs was a keynote speaker.  Elder Jeffery R. Holland also surprised everyone by stopping by and addressing us.  The rest of the day was  full of classes and activities. 
Elder Holland at Let Your Light Shine

One of my friends, Mary Staples, and her mother talked about finding joy in mothering and the legacy they have in their family.  Mary had lost her sweet Marjorie unexpectedly in January and she was a great example of strength and testimony to me and others.  

 Alex and I also went to the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) to see the Leonardo di Vinci exhibit.  We also saw the Hokusai exhibit and were blown away by both.  
one of Leonardo's original drawings

The Wave by Hokusai 

We also did a quick run through the American wing.  We loved this huge picture of Washington.  

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