Thursday, October 13, 2011

7 facts you didn't need to know...

So, I was tagged. By this lovely lady. Before I start, can I just say that she is fabulous and I am so glad that she said hello to me in the library yesterday?
Anyway, here are seven facts about yours truly that you probably didn't ever want and definitely didn't need to know:

1) I have a dairy addiction. I am particularly fond of Ovaltine and "pink milk." I can drink 2 gallons a week if I do not monitor myself.

2) I am VERY picky (and I mean to the point of being kind of OCD) about how things are when I go to bed. A good night's sleep will only occur if the following criteria are met:
- My room must be spotless and the house generally clean
- I must have made my bed
- Every single blanket and sheet must be tucked into and underneath my mattress
- All of my blankets must be flat, not folded under (kind of like if the bed was made while I was still in it).
- I must have on no less than 2 blankets (even in the summer)
-Those blankets must come up over my ears but scoop back down so that they are not by my mouth
- I have to lay on my stomach/side and face the left

3) One thing I don't like about birthdays/Christmas is when everyone is watching you open gifts. I don't like all of the attention to be focused on me because it makes me feel awkward

4) I have never been boating... it is on my bucket list. I love the idea of sitting out on the water all day and tubing/skiing/whatever else you do. I think it is a glorious idea.


It is true. I love knitting. I don't have a lot of time at college but last weekend I knit A LOT! It is a creative, stress-relieving outlet that provides quick results to I feel productive. It is the best.

6) Can we talk for a minute about how much I LOVE hedgehogs? Seriously, they are the coolest animal ever. They look really prickly but they aren't and they are smart, resourceful, defensive, and cute. How can you not love them?

7.) When I cook alone, sometimes I pretend that I have my own cooking show. I think I developed this habit as a child when I would make "fairy food" for the fairies to have during their nightly parties I was convinced that they had. While I was making the "bark burritos" I would explain each step: "Then you take the large leaf and put some bark in the middle. Then take this lovely twig... see how flexible it is?! and stick it through the leaf to hold the burrito together. AND THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS!" To this day I have to watch myself to make sure I don't talk like a cooking star when I am sharing the kitchen.

Well, there you go-- 7 random facts I am sure you never cared to know. I would tag you and make you do the same thing but seeing as I only have 4 followers I feel like that would not work out so hot because I would have to tag all of you. SO... if you feel so inclined, I would LOVE to hear some things about you! Go for it! Comment here or post on your own blog. It would make my day.

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