Monday, October 17, 2011

Awesome things on a MONDAY?!!!

Oh you know it! Here are some of the reasons why today was an unusually awesome Monday:

- I got up early and finished one of my homework assignments. Can you say productivity?
- Not having to doodle or break out the snacks to stay awake in my classes. I sound like a 3 year old in Sacrament Meeting.
- Talking to my sister on the phone. I called as she was getting out of school and she WANTED to talk to me! SCORE! She could have said she had to talk to her friends or something and I was kind of surprised that she didn't but it was fun to talk to her for a few minutes.
- Making a point in the volleyball game we played for FHE. Oh yes. Maybe one day my arms won't be so spastic but I am making progress.
- Running. Not the best run EVER but it still felt good.
- Not studying taking a test in 5 minutes and getting a 100%. Ok, it was only 9 questions and it was open everything so I used my resources but I still feel legit in comparison to the last test I took in that class.
- Watching this video in one of my classes. We were talking about flexibility and our teacher asked how old people walk. We said that they shuffle. Then he quoted this song and proceeded to tell us that it was his favorite music video and it made him happy every time he watched it. And of course we had to watch it. Just his reaction made my day. And I hope this makes your day...

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