Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just Because

+ I was surprised by the snow today.  Where did that come from?
+ I am trying hard to eat right.  It is hard today when all I want to do 
is eat homemade hot fudge sauce and cream cheese frosting.
+ Does anyone want to come over 
this afternoon?  We could eat said frosting 
or fudge sauce and watch movies or talk.
I am totes serious.
+ Sometimes, Alex whistles. I love it.
+ I think the new Sprint commercials are hilarious
          + I think I will have this salad for lunch. Yumm.

+ I also love seeing students asleep on 
those long couch/bench things. They look kind of 
homeless and I think it is so precious. 
I also wish I was them sometimes (but not homeless).

+ After being inundated with homework from
 teachers the beginning of this week, I am finally ahead 
again. yesss.
+ Alex was deathly ill last week. So glad that is over.

+PS check out BYU-Idaho Sleeps on Instagram. It is awesome (see aforementioned bullet)

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